A Look at Selank

Many peptides exist and many are made from Tuftsin. This includes Selank. Tuftsin is produced in the body naturally, so there are many benefits offered when it is consumed. Research of this peptide began in the early 1990s when the peptide was being prepared to use on humans. There is much buzz about this peptide with those in the nootropic community. There are anti-anxiety effects associated with the product, acting similarly to Semax. Some say however, that this peptide is more potent and powerful.

Treatment of anxiety is only one of the many ways this nootropic is beneficial. Many studies suggest that it aids in tension, depression, and stress and related disorders. Those who take the peptide note they have improved focus and an enhance memory. The studies conducted on the product indicate that it helps improves concentration, brain sharpness, and the ability to learn.

Neuroscientists say the product works by releasing endorphins into the body, stimulating dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters to be released into the body’s system. The neurotransmitters help regulate the appetite and improve the sleep cycle, reducing deficiency, thus decreasing stress, improving sleep and appetite, and eliminating sleep disturbances.

People want this peptide because it has massive benefits. It takes just one use of the product to make a considerable difference in the happiness and gratification the user feels. The product instantly calms, and without any side effects, it is safe to use. Many people use the peptide successfully, and continue use because they like the advantages it offers.

Other benefits users of this peptide enjoy including:

–    Improved memory process

–    Enhanced muscle relaxation

–    More cerebral energy

–    Less stress

–    Less anxiety

–    More awareness of surroundings

Are There Side Effects?

Almost all nootropics and non-prescription and prescription medications come with some side effects. For most people, the side effects aren’t a concern, but it is important that you are aware of their potential before using. Potential side effects of this product are minimal, as it is well-tolerated by most users. The worst risk is an allergic reaction. If you suspect an allergic reaction, discontinue use, and get to the nearest emergency facility.

Otherwise, this is a nootropic that is virtually safe to use by healthy individuals. It is definitely unique in both the functions that it offers as well as the way that it is used and the potential risk that it puts on the user of the product.

Why isn’t Everyone using this Peptide?

Currently this nootropic is unavailable in an oral pill form. This is the reason that more people do not use it. The peptide cannot be sold in such form because the acid would hydrolyze and break down into your stomach. A freeze-dried option is available as well as a nasal spray and an intravenous injection. Both of these options for use of the nootropic have specific dosing requirements that you must strictly follow to stay safe and to achieve the results that you seek to find.

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